CIEMAT demo-site

1. Description of the Use Case

1.1. Name of the Use Case

IDArea /Domain(s)/Zone(s)Name of the Use Case
1Energy system/Distribution,TIGON

1.2. Version Management

Version No.DateName of author(s)ChangesApproval status
0.12021-11-05T00:00:00Maria Fotopoulou, Fotis Stergiopoulos, Dimitrios Rakopoulos (CERTH),NoneDraft

1.3. Scope and Objectives of Use Case

ScopeConstruction of an AC/DC hybrid grid for the efficient distribution of power generated by Renewable Energy Sources (RES) which mostly produce DC power.
Objective(s)-Enhancement of the local grid
-Efficient incorporation of DC-based RES and storage in a distribution grid
-Definition of topology, voltage levels and required equipement for an AC/DC hybrid grid
-Construction of novel power converters
-Implementation of Energy Management System (EMS) for hybrid grids
-Evaluation of the performance of AC/DC hybrid grids in the case of CIEMAT grid.
Related business case(s)Relevant to the AC/DC hybrid grid of the CEA demo site (other use case with the same purpose from the same project).

1.4. Narrative of Use Case

Short description

Design, construction and evaluation of an AC/DC hybrid grid in CIEMAT, Spain including a variety of RES and storage.

Complete description

The CIEMAT demo site includes a PV installation, 1-3 wind turbines, two Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and two sorts of loads (AC and DC). Since the majority of these components utilizes DC power, it would be efficient to have an AC/DC hybrid grid. The topology, the required converters, the operation modes, etc. need to be defined and implemented, which is the purpose of TIGON.

1.5. Key Performance Indicatiors (KPI)

IDNameDescriptionReference to mentioned use case objectives
kpi_01Self-consumption rateThe ratio of consumed renewable energy over the sum of all renewable electricity generated on site.Efficient incorporation of DC-based RES and storage in a distribution grid.,

1.6. Use case conditions


1.7. Further information to the use case for classification/mapping

Relation to other use cases
Level of depth
This use case is beneficial for grid development and RES implementation. It is mandatory for TIGON.
Generic, regional or national relation
Nature of the use cases
Technical/system use case
Further keywords for classification
Small scale, medium voltage (MV), low voltage (LV)

1.8. General remarks

General remarks

2. Diagrams of Use Case

AC/DC hybrid architecture for the CIEMAT demo site

3. Technical Details

3.1. Actors

Actor NameActor TypeActor DescriptionFurther information specific to this Use Case
CIEMAT’s grid operatorDistribution system operatorThey shall operate the AC/DC hybrid grid of CIEMAT
Theoretical research entitiesResearch centresInvestigation of architectures, requirements, etc. for grid development.
Constructors of power electronicsConstruction companiesConstruction of appropriate DC-based power electronics, including solid state transformers, DC/DC converters, etc.
Developers of software applicationsSoftware companiesDevelopers of energy management systems, dicision support systems, etc.
CIEMAT’s gridGrid (including distributed resources, loads, buses, lines, etc.)Power lines, distributed resources, loads, buses, etc.

3.2. References

No.References TypeReferenceStatusImpact on Use CaseOrganistaor / OrganisationLink
Review paperState of the Art of Low and Medium Voltage Direct Current (DC) MicrogridsPublishedHighhttps://doi.org/10.3390/en14185595
DeliverableTIGON D2.2 Demo site grids boundary conditions, overall requirements and operation modesFinalizedHighNone

4. Step by Step Analysis of Use Case

4.1. Overview of Scenarios

No.Scenario NameScenario DescriptionPrimary ActorTriggering EventPre-ConditionPost-Condition
1CIEMAT demo site: A flexible configuration through BESS for DC-based hybrid gridsDeployment and integration of AC/DC hybrid solutions in CIEMAT demo siteCIEMAT demo site: A flexible configuration through BESS for DC-based hybrid grids


4.2. Steps – Scenarios

Scenario Name:
CIEMAT demo site: A flexible configuration through BESS for DC-based hybrid grids
Step No.Event.Name of Process/ ActivityDescription of Process/ Activity.ServiceInformation Producer (Actor)Information Receiver (Actor)Information ExchangedRequirements, R-ID
1Need for research regarding AC/DC hybrid system designsBoundary conditions and baseline for TIGON developmentThe objective is to define the baseline and key aspects for the correct development and later deployment of the TIGON solutions, including the modelling and characterization of the CIEMAT demo-site as well as the definition of alternative operation modes and ancillary services to be provided to the main grid.GETTheoretical research entitiesCIEMAT’s grid operator Constructors of power electronicsIS-1 (Information Security)
2Completion of the previous step, which is the theoretical analysis of the use caseDevelopment of physical architectureThe objective is to design and develop novel physical architectures and grid assets to be implemented at TIGON demo-sites for fostering the implementation of DC-based hybrid grid across EuropeGETConstructors of power electronicsCIEMAT’s grid operatorIS-1
3Completion of the previous step, which is the design of the physical architectureSoftware applications for an efficient monitoring, control and management of the gridThe objective is to develop innovative monitoring, control and management strategies for an optimized operation and performance of hybrid grids based on DC-architectures with the aim of improving the efficiency, resilience and security of TIGON demo-sites.GETCIEMAT’s grid operatorIS-1
4Completion of all previous steps, which provide the means for the deployment of AC/DC hybrid systems in the CIEMAT demo siteCIEMAT demo site: A flexible configuration through BESS for DC-based hybrid gridsThe objective is to deploy and integrate TIGON solutions in CIEMAT demo-site, with the aim of demonstrating a smart and flexible management of MV DC-based grids linked to energy storage systems and providing stability yo the LV hybrid grid.GETCIEMAT’s grid operatorCIEMAT’s gridIS-1

5. Information Exchanged

Information exchanged IDName of InformationDescription of Information ExchangedRequirement

6. Requirements (optional)

Category IdentifierNameDescriptionmRID
Req_IDReq_Name‘CIEMAT demo-site’
I-01Design of CIEMAT’s gridTopologies, voltage levels, KPIs, etc.IS-1 (Information Security)
I-02Construction of CIEMAT’s grid componentsDetails on the constructed power converters, their requirements, etc.IS-1
I-03Software of CIEMAT’s gridDetails regarding the proposed operation of the gridIS-1
I-04Operation of CIEMAT’s gridOperation and evaluation of the constructed AC/DC hybrid grid.IS-1

7. Common Terms and Definitions

8. Custom Information (optional)

KeyValueRefers to Section