Voltage Control – Multi-Level Market Model

1. Description of the Use Case

1.1. Name of the Use Case

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1national / regional,Greece

1.2. Version Management

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1.3. Scope and Objectives of Use Case

ScopeEnergy markets: Day Ahead (DA), Intraday (ID), Near Real Time
Objective(s)• To ensure non-discriminatory access to the market for all agents that provide grid services.
• To enable coordination and information exchange between system operators in order to improve efficiency of the system.
• To enable the TSO to use the flexibility provided by the resources connected to the distribution system for voltage control, while respecting distribution system constraints.
• To ensure a secure operation of the transmission and distribution system.
• To minimize RES curtailment due to security reasons.
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1.4. Narrative of Use Case

Short description

The UC describes the steps that are followed to eliminate voltage violations in the transmission and distribution system using flexibility provided by resources connected to both systems. The voltage level in transmission and distribution systems is permanently assessed and monitored by the ΤSO and DSO respectively, in order to decide on actions for keeping voltages of their systems within the admissible range.

Complete description

This UC describes the actions that are carried out in case of anticipated voltage violations in transmission and distribution system in order to keep the voltage level in acceptable boundaries. Flexible resources connected to the transmission and distribution system can provide flexibility to system operators to eliminate voltage violations through a market mechanism. Active and reactive power control is considered. The voltage control shall be local as voltage is a local need for power grids. This is an important activity that is likely performed on a permanent basis to keep the grid voltage within normal ranges. In addition, it has to be ensured that the activation of flexible resources in the distribution network by the TSO would respect distribution system constraints. A Cooperation and information exchange between the DSO and TSO are crucial for eliminating voltage violations in the most efficient way, while respecting distribution and transmission system constraints.

1.5. Key Performance Indicatiors (KPI)

IDNameDescriptionReference to mentioned use case objectives
3Cost of R&I solution VS grid alternative solutionCost of R&I solution VS grid alternative solutionGR-1a,

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1.8. General remarks

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2. Diagrams of Use Case

BUC GR-1a Overview: Voltage Control– Multi-Level Market Model

3. Technical Details

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no reference has been usednonen/an/an/a

4. Step by Step Analysis of Use Case

4.1. Overview of Scenarios

No.Scenario NameScenario DescriptionPrimary ActorTriggering EventPre-ConditionPost-Condition
1Day-ahead marketCoordinet platform and functionalities interaction in national energy marketDay-ahead market


4.2. Steps – Scenarios

Scenario Name:
Day-ahead market
Step No.Event.Name of Process/ ActivityDescription of Process/ Activity.ServiceInformation Producer (Actor)Information Receiver (Actor)Information ExchangedRequirements, R-ID
1TSO and DSO invoke RES and Load forecastshare info per substationTSO and DSO assess voltage levelgetDSOTSO DSO
2TSO asses voltage levelpower flow simulationDSO with TSO decide next grid reconfigurationexecuteDSOTSO
3voltage deviationflexibility assessmentTSO and DSO assess the required amount of flexibilitycreateTSO DSOTSO DSO
4flexibility assessedflexibility requestDSO request offer from day-ahead marketgetDSO
5flexibility requestsmarket clearingMarket operator receive from DSO the eiligible bidsexecuteDSO
6flexibility assessbids aggregationTSO request offers from day-ahead market, DSO aggregates the remainng bids according to the interested locationcreateDSOTSO
7flexibility bidsmarket clearanceTSO receive the aggreggated bids, market is clearedexecuteTSO

5. Information Exchanged

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Req_IDReq_Name‘Voltage Control – Multi-Level Market Model’

7. Common Terms and Definitions

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