Calculate flexibility baseline

1. Description of the Use Case

1.1. Name of the Use Case

IDArea /Domain(s)/Zone(s)Name of the Use Case
1Market for flexibilities,elering-4

1.2. Version Management

Version No.DateName of author(s)ChangesApproval status
12018-04-10T00:00:00Marco Pietrucci (Terna), Karin Lehtmets (Elering),
22018-05-28T00:00:00Karin Lehtmets (Elering), Kalle Kukk (Elering),
32018-06-28T00:00:00Florentin Dam (AKKA),UML Modeling

42018-07-09T00:00:00Florentin Dam (AKKA),Modification on diagrams
52018-07-20T00:00:00Florentin Dam (AKKA),Added some systems,
Major changes in option 2
62018-08-02T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),
72018-09-21T00:00:00Florentin Dam (AKKA),T5.2 partners’ remarks.
82018-10-04T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Version post WP5&9 physical meeting in Tallinn
92018-10-17T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Version reviewed by WP5&9 partners
102019-05-07T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),WP6-7-8 demos alignment and miscellaneous changes
112019-06-05T00:00:00Ricardo Jover (EDF), Eric Suignard (EDF),Changes following WP5&9 workshop in Chatou
122019-06-13T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Elering review
132019-07-26T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Elering review
142020-06-16T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),innogy’s and Elering’s review

1.3. Scope and Objectives of Use Case

ScopeDefine the power schedule/baseline of a given Flexibility Service Provider (FSP), which participates in the flexibility market
Objective(s)Encourage the participation in the flexibility market of new resources, including Demand Side Resources (DSR) and variable (intermittent) Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
Related business case(s)

1.4. Narrative of Use Case

Short description

If a market participant bids flexibility in the flexibility market, the baseline consumption/generation of such market participant needs to be identified for the verification and settlement processes (see SUC ‘Verify and settle activated flexibilities’). There are two options for this:

1. Market participant has to declare its power schedule (baseline) ex ante in such a way to permit the System Operator (SO) to implement the settlement processes. Such player (FSP) usually declares directly the baseline, but the SO could provide specific tools to help market participants in the baseline definition, promoting market participation.

2. Market operator (TSO or DSO or Flexibility Platform Operator) itself calculates the baseline ex post based on meter data. The methodology to calculate baseline is transparent and public.

The baseline cannot be measured directly, so it must be calculated based on other available measured data, using an agreed, robust methodology. When choosing the suitable baseline methodology it is crucial to understand the most important baseline characteristics: these are accuracy, simplicity, integrity and alignment, meaning that additionally to the accuracy of the methodology it is important at the same time that it would be simple enough for all stakeholders to calculate and understand. Additionally to that, suitable methodology should minimize the availability of data manipulation as well as minimize unintended consequences.

Several types of baseline can exist and may be needed, depending on the type of service/product provided, depending on the reserve origin (consumption, production, storage) and depending on the consumer’s group who offered the flexibility (residential, offices, industrial consumers, etc).

Data from sub-meters could be used besides data from ‘certified’ meters when calculating the baseline.

Complete description

1.5. Key Performance Indicatiors (KPI)

IDNameDescriptionReference to mentioned use case objectives

1.6. Use case conditions

1. FSPs who are presenting their baseline as schedule before the activation must be able to declare (independently or with the help of any tools made available by the TSO) the baseline together with its bid.
Data used for baseline calculation

1.7. Further information to the use case for classification/mapping

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Nature of the use cases
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1.8. General remarks

General remarks

2. Diagrams of Use Case

Calculate flexibility baseline - overview Calculate flexibility baseline - scenarios flowchart

3. Technical Details

3.1. Actors

Actor NameActor TypeActor DescriptionFurther information specific to this Use Case
External Data SourcesSystemContains external data such as weather information.
Flexibility Service ProviderBusinessCan be a Distribution Network Flexibility Provider or a Transmission Network Flexibility Provider (cf. definitions in T3.3 deliverable).
Similar to Flexibility Aggregator. Can be both aggregator and individual consumer/generator. Type of Energy Service Provider.
Market OperatorBusinessA market operator is a party that provides a service whereby the offers to sell electricity are matched with bids to buy electricity (cf. ENTSOE-EFET-ebIX harmonized role model 2019).
In EU-SysFlex project, a market operator not only trades electricity but also flexibility services.
Organize auctions (continuous auctions, discrete auctions, calls for tender) between buyers and sellers of electricity-related products in the markets, and more generally publish the corresponding prices, for assets connected to power grid.
Manage/operate the platform for trading (where bids and offers are collected).
Clear the market and communicate results.
(cf. definition in T3.3 deliverable)
Data Exchange PlatformSystemData exchange platform (DEP) is a communication platform the basic functionality of which is to secure data transfer (routing) from data providers (e.g. data hubs, flexibility service providers, TSOs, DSOs) to the data users (e.g. TSOs, DSOs, consumers, suppliers, energy service providers). DEP stores data related to its services (e.g. cryptographic hash of the data requested). The DEP does not store core energy data (e.g. meter data, grid data, market data) while these data can be stored by data hubs. Several DEPs may exist in different countries and inside one country.
Meter Data Collection ToolSystemMeter Data Collection Tool is an information system which main functionality is to collect meter readings from electricity meters.
Flexibility PlatformSystemFlexibility Platform (FP) for System Operators and Flexibility Service Providers that enables the trading of different flexibility products and services. A FP is operated by a Market Operator.

Available to System Operators and Flexibility Services Providers. It is used to support the prequalification, the bidding, the activation and the verification processes, ensuring coordination between activities undertaken by several operators using the same flexible resources. Several national and regional FPs may exist.
DEP OperatorBusinessData exchange platform operator owns and operates a communication system which basic functionality is data transfer.

3.2. References

No.References TypeReferenceStatusImpact on Use CaseOrganistaor / OrganisationLink

4. Step by Step Analysis of Use Case

4.1. Overview of Scenarios

No.Scenario NameScenario DescriptionPrimary ActorTriggering EventPre-ConditionPost-Condition
1FSP calculates the baselineGenerates a schedule in front and presented with the bid to the market operator.
2Market Operator calculates the baselineCalculated after the activation in settlement phase by market operator.


4.2. Steps – Scenarios

Scenario Name:
FSP calculates the baseline
Step No.Event.Name of Process/ ActivityDescription of Process/ Activity.ServiceInformation Producer (Actor)Information Receiver (Actor)Information ExchangedRequirements, R-ID
1.1Choose the services/products for which it intends to make a bid2b8f28a5-4b5a-49fb-92fa-1728b089ce0081bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
1.2Define the baselinedefinition of the baseline, through specific ‘baseline tool’ (owned by the FSP or provided by the TSO or DSO or flexibility platform operator) depending on the services/products chosen and the topology of the resources aggregated

2b8f28a5-4b5a-49fb-92fa-1728b089ce0081bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
1.3Submit the baseline (schedule) and declare it for settlement purposeDeclaration of the baseline (for a single consumer/producer or aggregator bid/portfolio, or BRP’s portfolio) for settlement purposes.

An upload is then done to ‘baseline tool’.

Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Baseline
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
2b8f28a5-4b5a-49fb-92fa-1728b089ce004e694b8b-e0eb-4b2a-ae7a-1bcb6f656385235f29ab-b809-45c2-83c6-f5710d3dd2f581bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
1.4Forward the baseline
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Baseline
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
4e694b8b-e0eb-4b2a-ae7a-1bcb6f656385908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b235f29ab-b809-45c2-83c6-f5710d3dd2f581bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
1.5Record the baseline908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
Scenario Name:
Market Operator calculates the baseline
Step No.Event.Name of Process/ ActivityDescription of Process/ Activity.ServiceInformation Producer (Actor)Information Receiver (Actor)Information ExchangedRequirements, R-ID
2.1Select bid for calculationthe type of service/product of activated bids is reviewed to calculate the baseline after the activation.d2779077-a80f-43af-b09b-5a1fab340aed81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.2Send external data6301ad5f-cd24-4592-ac22-fea6e549170481bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.3Send meter data45af65d4-921b-419b-b824-dfb4bf1bb4de81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.4Facilitate secure data exchange4e694b8b-e0eb-4b2a-ae7a-1bcb6f65638581bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.5Calculate the baseline908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.6Calculate the baseline (in the settlement process)Declaration of the baseline (for a single consumer/producer or aggregator bid/portfolio, or BRP’s portfolio) for settlement purposes.

Real-time data are used for the calculation.

Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Flexibility Bid
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
d2779077-a80f-43af-b09b-5a1fab340aed908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429bbb2896bc-89a8-400e-99c4-c560a72ebe7f81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e
2.7Record the baseline908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf b3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e

5. Information Exchanged

Information exchanged IDName of InformationDescription of Information ExchangedRequirement
bb2896bc-89a8-400e-99c4-c560a72ebe7fFlexibility Bid—-

6. Requirements (optional)

Category IdentifierNameDescriptionmRID
Cat1Task 5.3Requirements integrated from Task 5.3.1880e39c-7084-4785-8c02-297057abe312
Req1FB-REQ1Ability of flexibility platform to collect input for baseline calculation, incl. through DEP81bbdaff-92e5-460c-9176-7f27e7aa4faf
Req2FB-REQ2Ability of flexibility platform to compute baselineb3e149de-373c-47c1-97e9-9b8c48acd40e

7. Common Terms and Definitions

8. Custom Information (optional)

KeyValueRefers to Section