Verify and settle activated flexibilities

1. Description of the Use Case

1.1. Name of the Use Case

IDArea /Domain(s)/Zone(s)Name of the Use Case
1Balance management, Market for flexibilities, Operational planning and forecasting,elering-18

1.2. Version Management

Version No.DateName of author(s)ChangesApproval status
12018-04-05T00:00:00Marco Pietrucci (Terna),
22018-06-25T00:00:00Ricardo Jover (EDF), Eric Suignard (EDF),
32018-07-19T00:00:00Ricardo Jover (EDF), Eric Suignard (EDF),- Network operators involved, instead of BRPs.
- Use of baseline, instead of winning bids.
- Imbalance calculation changed into flexibility verification.
- Calculation of delivered flexibilities and verification of delivered flexibilities in two steps.
- Imbalance fees changed into penalties.
- Invoice out of scope.
42018-07-30T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),
52018-08-02T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),
62018-09-21T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF), Ricardo Jover (EDF),Remarks from Innogy and EirGrid.
72018-10-04T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Version post WP5&9 physical meeting in Tallinn
82018-10-17T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Version reviewed by WP5&9 partners
92019-05-07T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),WP6-7-8 demos alignment and miscellaneous changes
102019-07-09T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),Elering review
112020-06-16T00:00:00Eric Suignard (EDF),innogy’s and Elering’s review

1.3. Scope and Objectives of Use Case

ScopeVerification of the flexibilities actually delivered by Flexibility Service Providers.
Objective(s)Calculate actually delivered flexibility as response to activation request. Verify that flexibility delivered matches with flexibility requested. Calculate the penalty if flexibility delivered is less than flexibility requested.
Related business case(s)

1.4. Narrative of Use Case

Short description

Actual flexibility delivered is calculated as the difference between baseline and metered consumption/generation of that Flexibility Service Provider. The verification takes place by comparing the actually delivered flexibility and flexibility requested by the System Operator. Settlement means that a Flexibility Service Provider is asked for a penalty if actually delivered flexibility is less than requested flexibility. Imbalance settlement process follows but is out of the scope of this use case.

Complete description

1.5. Key Performance Indicatiors (KPI)

IDNameDescriptionReference to mentioned use case objectives

1.6. Use case conditions

Market participant baselines (i.e. from any FSP: aggregator, individual consumer, individual generator) have been previously defined.
For the verification and the calculation of penalties, the values of actual inputs / withdrawals must be obtained through accurate, reliable and certified instruments (metering data). Meter data, baselines and activation requests are needed.

1.7. Further information to the use case for classification/mapping

Relation to other use cases
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1.8. General remarks

General remarks

2. Diagrams of Use Case

Verify and settle activated flexibilities - overview Verify and settle activated flexibilities - scenarios flowchart

3. Technical Details

3.1. Actors

Actor NameActor TypeActor DescriptionFurther information specific to this Use Case
Data Exchange PlatformSystemData exchange platform (DEP) is a communication platform the basic functionality of which is to secure data transfer (routing) from data providers (e.g. data hubs, flexibility service providers, TSOs, DSOs) to the data users (e.g. TSOs, DSOs, consumers, suppliers, energy service providers). DEP stores data related to its services (e.g. cryptographic hash of the data requested). The DEP does not store core energy data (e.g. meter data, grid data, market data) while these data can be stored by data hubs. Several DEPs may exist in different countries and inside one country.
Data HubSystemData Hub is an information system which main functionality is to store and make available measurements (e.g. meter data, operational data) and associated master data. Data Hubs are not necessarily centralized in a country or in a region.
System OperatorBusinessSystem Operator means a natural or legal person responsible for operating, ensuring the maintenance of and, if necessary, developing the system in a given area and, where applicable, its interconnections with other systems, and for ensuring the long-term ability of the system to meet reasonable demands for the distribution or transmission of electricity (cf. ENTSOE-EFET-ebIX harmonized role model 2019).
Can be:
  • A Transmission System Operator (cf. definition in T3.3 deliverable), for frequency control, congestion management and voltage control on transmission network,
  • A Distribution System Operator (cf. definition in T3.3 deliverable), for congestion management and voltage control on distribution network.

NB: In some countries (e.g. Germany and Poland), the high voltage network is part of the distribution grid and in other countries (e. g. France and Italy) the high voltage network is part of the transmission grid.

A System Operator can be:
  • A Primary System Operator,
  • A Secondary System Operator.
Flexibility PlatformSystemFlexibility Platform (FP) for System Operators and Flexibility Service Providers that enables the trading of different flexibility products and services. A FP is operated by a Market Operator.

Available to System Operators and Flexibility Services Providers. It is used to support the prequalification, the bidding, the activation and the verification processes, ensuring coordination between activities undertaken by several operators using the same flexible resources. Several national and regional FPs may exist.
DEP OperatorBusinessData exchange platform operator owns and operates a communication system which basic functionality is data transfer.
Data Hub OperatorBusinessData hub operator owns and operates an information system which main functionality is to store and make available electricity (also gas, heat) metering data and associated master data. Can be :
  • Grid Data Hub Operator in the sphere of a System Operator
  • Market Data Hub Operator in the sphere of a Market Operator
  • Meter Data Hub Operator in the sphere of a Metered Data Operator
  • Sub-meter Data Hub Operator in the sphere of an Energy Service Provider

3.2. References

No.References TypeReferenceStatusImpact on Use CaseOrganistaor / OrganisationLink

4. Step by Step Analysis of Use Case

4.1. Overview of Scenarios

No.Scenario NameScenario DescriptionPrimary ActorTriggering EventPre-ConditionPost-Condition
1Flexibility verification and settlement


4.2. Steps – Scenarios

Scenario Name:
Flexibility verification and settlement
Step No.Event.Name of Process/ ActivityDescription of Process/ Activity.ServiceInformation Producer (Actor)Information Receiver (Actor)Information ExchangedRequirements, R-ID
1.1Provide metering dataReal generation/consumption data measured by certified meters data and/or sub-meter data collected by Data Hubs.
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Metering Data
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
43ac67ff-35a0-48e4-8b2c-d1eaf75372924e694b8b-e0eb-4b2a-ae7a-1bcb6f656385620429a9-a8f8-48c6-bf92-5f3e362b6cffed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.2Provide baselinesBaselines stored at Flexibility Platform and collected previously (see "Calculate flexibility baseline" SUC) by Market Operators, FSPs or System Operators.
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Baseline
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b235f29ab-b809-45c2-83c6-f5710d3dd2f5ed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.3Provide requested activation volumesVolumes of requested flexibilities by System Operators (in "Manage flexibility activation" SUC).
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Activated Flexibility
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b 908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b6bc23364-c3c2-4760-8065-7fba38f1d821ed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.4Forward metering data
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Metering Data
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
4e694b8b-e0eb-4b2a-ae7a-1bcb6f656385908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b620429a9-a8f8-48c6-bf92-5f3e362b6cffed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.5Calculate the actually delivered flexibilitiesThe Flexibility Platform calculates the difference between the metered consumed/produced energy (delivered energy) and the baseline.908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429bed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.6Verify the delivered flexibilitiesThe Flexibility Platform calculates the differences between the actually delivered flexibilities and the requested activation volumes.
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceName=Flexibility Settlement
Modsarus Use Case::InstanceDescription=
908bfa7a-c616-4b2b-a712-04aac115429b63eb2d86-aa08-444e-88dc-51f7f64e714e1481302c-63be-407f-a49b-0a4ec9080511ed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429
1.7Calculate penaltiesPenalties of the requested but not delivered flexibilities.63eb2d86-aa08-444e-88dc-51f7f64e714eed80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665 022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928 d30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429

5. Information Exchanged

Information exchanged IDName of InformationDescription of Information ExchangedRequirement
620429a9-a8f8-48c6-bf92-5f3e362b6cffMetering Data—-
6bc23364-c3c2-4760-8065-7fba38f1d821Activated Flexibility—-
1481302c-63be-407f-a49b-0a4ec9080511Flexibility Settlement—-

6. Requirements (optional)

Category IdentifierNameDescriptionmRID
Cat1Task 5.3Requirements integrated from Task 5.3.1880e39c-7084-4785-8c02-297057abe312
Req1FVERIF-REQ1Calculation of actually delivered flexibility as a response to an activation requested80c55c-4905-449d-a080-0b8a38816665
Req2FVERIF-REQ2Verification that flexibility delivered matches with flexibility requested022e5e04-25f7-4d18-bc6f-d14cf3b6e928
Req3FVERIF-REQ3Calculation of the penalty if flexibility delivered is less than flexibility requestedd30141fc-cac2-4282-a9c1-999392a0a429

7. Common Terms and Definitions

8. Custom Information (optional)

KeyValueRefers to Section